Sponsorship opportunities

Our Mixed Martial Arts Athletes are always looking to align themselves with companies that are interested in promoting and showcasing their products. At present, we are raising money to cover the cost of coaches, training, competition travel expenses, training equipment, and other basic operating costs. In each training camp, our athletes participate, individually or as a group, in over 6 different events from grappling tournaments to MMA events.

This sponsorship program is an opportunity to show your support and association to a successful program. Furthermore, presence at these events offers sponsors the opportunity to gain invaluable exposure. Your logo will be placed on our shirts, website www.acuaman.com, and other promotional material. Given proper notice, our team is also available for appearances at trade shows, community events, promotional gatherings, and photographic purposes. We are open to all ideas to help sponsors benefit from their association with our athletes.

Product Sponsorship:

In lieu of a monetary donation, the team will accept donations in the form of products. This type of donation will have to equate to a specific dollar amount and depending upon the type of item, will have to be made available to one team members for use over the course of the sponsorship. Product sponsorships are carefully reviewed on an item-by-item basis.

Monetary and Product Option List

For UFC / AFL or MMA Athletes

Call us for more information regarding packages and costs.